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Is your tournament just around the corner? There is still so much to think about!

We share the years of experience of our tournament and registration office service and are happy to advise you!

The organization team horse performance show is in the starting blocks. The first phase has long been over: apply for an appointment, create a tender, invite officials, acquire sponsors.

The announcement is online, the entry deadline has been reached. Riders have reserved the starting places, the horses are named.

Now it goes into the next hot phase: The timing including the judges must be worked out, the examination places brought into shape. A precise needs analysis has to be done: prepare catering, coordinate helpers, provide examination documents and of course don't forget everything related to honoring the winners and those placed.

With our tournament service "Everything from a single source" we support you during the preparations and of course during the implementation of your event.


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With our tournament service all are winners

We are specialized in equestrian sports, but our price ribbons, sashes, trophies and much more. are used in many other areas: breeding shows, bachelor parties, bachelor parties or special family celebrations With ribbons from CAVAloop, your events will be remembered for a long time. Our offer for the tournament service covers the entire need for all organizers of equestrian events, whether dressage, jumping, eventing or driving, performance tests or competitions - you are at the right address with us.

When the tension in the competition falls away, riders and horses wait for the overall results, the best experience a very special appreciation with prize ribbons, sashes and trophies.

Price loops

We offer different variants for all of our price ribbons. Design your individual bow by choosing from 2 types of folds, various color combinations, creative combinations of flaps, loops, flowers and stars. As a single or multiple rosette, you can choose your price ribbon according to your ideas or leave the design to us. We process your individual template in various printing processes and thus make your tournament ribbon unique. Whether upscale events, youth tournaments or breeding honors: discover our special ones as part of our tournament service Premium quality grinding. Color-fast materials ensure a special surface gloss and a long shelf life. Our range of price ribbons includes:

  • Single and multiple rosettes
  • Western loops
  • Gold-silver bows
  • Event loops

Medals and Sashes

Medals or sashes for animals and owners are indispensable memories of special honors. We offer various motifs in gold, silver and bronze, which we refine according to your ideas with an individual engraving. Especially our medals with an individual inlay of your club logo are a real eye-catcher and an extraordinary reward after a successfully completed competition. We manufacture sashes for humans and animals in different sizes and colors as special awards. They are used not only in sports and breeding competitions, but also for honors such as wine queens, shooting kings or for the very private and emotional appreciation of a special companion and partner.


No award ceremony without a magnificent trophy. The honorary prizes are part of our tournament service and are optionally available with or without a lid. For personalization we use engravings, digital printing or the incorporation of a relief. Even small trophies in the form of simple stands are available from us in a multifaceted selection. Comprehensive tournament service for complete satisfactionWe would be happy to advise you on our tournament service. From the first steps, smooth planning and implementation to the big day, many steps are necessary, which we would like to support with our tournament service. You will receive all the necessary materials, from forms and signs to admission controls. If the competition or event is in full swing, all eyes are on a splendid award ceremony with medals, trophies and prizes of honor. We manufacture these with loving detail so that your participants will remember the event with pleasure.


Forms  - for Germany -

You will find all the important forms for your horse show in our online shop:

  • Guidelines for dressage tests and dressage rider tests
  • Dressage tasks nationally and internationally
  • Guides for driving horses and boarding passes
  • Guides for jumping horses
  • Judges cards
  • Vaulting forms
  • Hunter Trials Protocols


Talk to us, we will introduce you to our tournament service without obligation.