double loop (two rosettes)

double loop (two rosettes)

Double rosettes ....

.....  Loops with two rosette rings

Loops with two rosetterings are the most frequently sold loops.
The "best sellers" of the double rosettes (Brussels, Sofia, Lisbon, Paris) are kept in stock and can be delivered at short notice without printing. All 2-fold rosettes we offer in two qualities: Light and Premium. The loops differ only in the nature of the fold in the rosette. If the Light quality has an airy and loose pleat in the double rosette, the Premium rosette is sewn with a tight satin ribbon. In this pleated rosette is processed many times more tape than in the Light rosette.  This is also noticeable during storage, if you want to stock the loops. Due to the density of the tape, when properly stored, the shape remains consistent , the rosette does not compress. Light or Premium quality has no influence on the size of the ribbon.

All our bows are made of a special dense, fine-mesh acetate satin ribbon. The ribbons are intensively dyed through and therefore color-fast. You can choose from a total of 40 colors and their color combinations. The special color finishes give the ribbons a noble surface shine and necessary strength.

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