Bows with the special touch

single loop ( 1 rosette)

Dots, flowers, butterflies and more

It does not always have to be winner or tournament awards. 

In this category we show loops that we make from very special ribbons. So they find favor in the most different areas:
  • to commemorate children's birthday, birth, wedding, vacation games
  • as name tags at events and exhibitions
  • as a special "greeting card" or
  • for the award of the tastiest cheese
    • the most successful dancing couple
    • the best grill master
    • .....
There are no limits to the imagination. 

Inspired by Hobby Horsing, the trend sport from Norway, the series "Dots" was created. A suitable motif can be selected directly in the templates.
As with all our loops, the buttons inside the rosette can be printed with a neutral motif or completely individually. Alternatively, we also deliver blanco white. Our centers are made of cardboard and can be labeled with conventional pens even in personal handlettering. So you give the loops still their own personal touch.


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