Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I order?

You can order in the online shop, by e-mail, using the order form or in person by phone. Personal contact is recommended, especially for first-time orders, in order to discuss more precise details. Nevertheless, we need a written order with your details by email for the first order.
  • When do I have to order at the latest?
Here it is important to know what and how much you want to order. It depends on whether it is an elaborate bow, whether a print should be applied to the bow. In the summer months and in the "short" weeks with public holidays, we need about 10 days due to a higher volume of orders for first orders and new cliché creation. Of course, we cannot estimate the capacity utilization of the lottery companies.
To be on the safe side, you should plan for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.
Of course, it is important that the shipment can then also be accepted and that the parcel service meets someone on site.
  • What is needed for processing?
In order to ensure the best possible processing of your order, we need your order as detailed as possible: type, colors, quantities, print texts and templates in the best quality.
An invoice address and possibly a different delivery address as well as a telephone number are mandatory, where we can reach you if you have any questions or any problems that may arise.
2. Can I also have the rosets printed?
That is exactly our strength;). We can provide the button with an imprint using various printing techniques. We can also put a lettering on the tape.
  • Which file do you need?
We are happy to accept your logo for printing as jpg or pdf. The simple rule "the better the resolution, the better the print result" applies. Unfortunately, we cannot use a photographed jacket embroidery or poorly scanned templates. A written text is sufficient for printing on the ribbon of a bow or on sashes, as well as for engraving on medals and trophies.

3. What is the difference between Light and Premium?
The only difference lies in the design of the rosettes. With the rosettes of the light version you will find generous folds. In the premium rosette, these folds are denser and narrower. The light rosette looks a bit flatter and Premium has more volume.

4. Which shipping company is used to send the ordered goods?
We only ship within Germany and the Netherlands with the shipping company GLS, for all other countries we use FedEX. We have already tested several shipping service providers and had the best experiences with these two logistics companies. As soon as your goods have left the house, you will receive an automated e-mail with the tracking data. You can use these to track your parcel and, if necessary, make changes yourself, such as issuing a storage permit or a desired delivery. Please note, however, that changes may delay delivery because the packages are being rerouted.

5. Does your own color scheme cost extra for a bow?
No, your own color combination will not be charged additionally - with a small exception if ribbons with a metallic effect are to be incorporated instead of our standard satin ribbons ".

6. Can we get a discount?
We already reward larger quantities with our tiered print prices, so it is up to you to reduce the unit price with suitable order quantities. The number of items always relates to the total number of items of a print.
For orders> 300 pieces, we will be happy to see how we can support your event with donations in kind. Unfortunately, our offer is always dependent on our stocks. Pay attention to our special offers such as our winter promotions.